THE BEE WEEKLY: Best Christian Album Covers And How To Hang Your Hammock
Aug 6th ยท

In this episode, Kyle and Ethan are joined by Kevin McCreary from Say Goodnight Kevin. They talk about the best Christian album covers of all time, horrible places to hang your hammock, and The Babylon Bee triggering the socialists on Twitter. In the subscriber portion they talk about crazy Christian movies they can’t believe are real.

One of our superfans gives us a very sweet and loving one-star podcast review and then Kyle, Ethan, and Kevin dive into the weird news of the week. People have been hammocking on electricity towers, the AMA says to get rid of sex designation on birth certificates, and a two-headed snake still needs to eat. Then Biden ate something off his chin and people in Spain were assaulted by a guy with a harpoon. A cat apparently likes to play loud music, eBay stalked some innocent people, and there is a disturbing new Guinness World Record that raises so many questions.

The guys then do a run down of the greatest Christian album covers of all time. They will definitely rock your faith! We get hate mail from the official Socialist Party account on Twitter and then the guys talk about some crazy Christian movies that they can’t believe are real in the subscriber-exclusive lounge.


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