THE BEE WEEKLY: Evangelicals, Catholics and Facebook Extremists Together

In this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by fan favorite Seamus Coughlin of FreedomToons to talk about skunks in pickle jars, Facebook warning you about all the extremists they platform, and how The Babylon Bee doesn’t make fun of Trump. There’s also weird news, hate mail, and the ultimate showdown between Calvinists and Catholics that will once and for all settle all theological debates. 

The guys talk about the week’s weird news like how a state owned oil company isn’t real socialism, how much we all saved on our July 4th barbecues thanks to Joe Biden, and how a nefarious illegal coupon ring is going to bring down our civilization. We have another round of Real Things Blue Checks Say and then Kyle and Seamus debate which is the one true faith: Calvinism or Roman Catholicism. They then decide to be friends and laugh at this week’s hate mail.

In the lengthy Subscriber Lounge, Seamus, Ethan, and Laugh Track Patrick Green discuss their creative journeys and the pursuit of animation as a career and calling. 

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