THE BEE WEEKLY: Women of the Bible, Worship Fails, and Poor Penguins

In this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by comedian Kellen Erskine to talk about the ecological destruction caused by humans trying to save Tasmanian devils, the new naked skydiving world record holder, and more heroes who are making the Christian faith better. Kyle and Ethan also talk to Fox News’ Shannon Bream about her book The Women of the Bible Speak

This episode is brought to you by the new Christian fantasy dungeon crawler Deliverance.

Be sure to check out Kellen Erskine’s podcast The Book Pile.

Kyle, Ethan, and Kellen answer a Subscriber Dare to wish Noah Myers a very happy birthday. Remember, we’ll do anything for money. They then talk about the week’s bizarre and weird news like the new Forever Hold hairspray and a climate change activism group disbanding because of its whiteness. The Babylon Bee’s own Brandon brings in some mystery food for the guys to guess what it is and the guys salute some heroes of the Christian faith. Someone stands up for Mother in a salty hate mail. In the subscriber lounge, the guys read the top subscriber-submitted headlines of the past week, read some bonus hate mail, and finally Kellen answers an updated Next Ten Questions.

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