THE BEE WEEKLY: Saving Abuela and Deliverance from Evil
Jun 11th ยท

On this episode of The Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by Andrew Lowen to talk about his new board game set in the battle between angels and demons, Deliverance. They also talk about noble efforts to help AOC’s Abuela and The Babylon Bee going up against The New York Times. Afterwards Andrew shares his creative process for creating Deliverance and how this game is unlike most Christian games in that it is not terrible.


Friend of the Bee Andrew Lowen joins Kyle and Ethan. Andrew has a new tactical combat adventure game about angels, demons, and the saints caught in between called Deliverance! You can back it on Kickstarter starting June 8, 2021!

Upcoming Interview 

Next interview will be with former LAPD detective Greg Kading, known for his work on the Tupac and Biggie murder cases...Really good police story only in the subscriber poriton.

Comments from Subscribers and YouTube

Birdman and Axl Dave get featured today

Weird News

  1. Italian Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture That Only Exists In His Mind For $18,000

  2. Us Special Forces Accidentally Stormed A Cooking Oil Factory In Bulgaria During A Live Training Exercise

  3. Us Coast Guard Rescues 3 Adults And 2 Dogs Floating On Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo Near Gulf Of Alaska

  4. Matt Walsh Started A Gofundme To Fix Aoc's Grandma's House And It Raised Over $100,000 In A Matter Of Hours

  5. Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space On One Of His Company’s Rocket Ships This Summer

  6. ‘Among Us’-Shaped Mcnugget Sells For Nearly $100,000

  7. South African Woman Gives Birth To Decuplets

  8. Ontario Police Officer Rescues Skunk From Mcflurry Cup

  9. Las Vegas Woman Crushes 3 Watermelons In 7 1/2 Seconds For World Record

Segment 1 

Bee beef with the NYT naming us as an example of far-right misinformation sites that use “satire” claims to protect their presence on Facebook.

Segment 2

Andrew Lowen on Christians making stuff like his new board game Deliverance

You can back his kickstarter and become a supporter. 

Andrew talks about Christian board games, theology behind the game, and behind the scenes of creating a board game. Ethan struggles to keep up with Kyle and Andrew as they dive in deep into the nerdom of board games.

Hate Mail

Pamela says we are being inappropriate

Subscriber Portion

Andrew Lowen’s New Game Deliverance

Kyle and Ethan experience the game with Andrew. Ethan remains confused during the whole game and Kyle beats up some demons. 


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