Parody, Country Music, and Right Wing Politics | The Buddy Brown Interview

On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan talk to Buddy Brown of YouTube Fame. They talk about his rise to YouTube fame, hunting stories, and living out his faith. Buddy gained his fame making YouTube videos from the back of his truck singing about anything from Covid to white privilege. He was able to get the number one spot on Itunes country charts without an agent or any publicist.  You can find him on YouTube by clicking here and buy his merchandise here.

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Topics Discussed

Buddy’s origin 

Current state of country music 

People are too sensitive these days

Nashville music scene 

Enjoy Big Hearts and Big Opinions 

Mike Pence using Buddy’s song 

No Green screen used for truck songs

Real estate agent to Country music star 

Coronavirus song 

No apologies for his covid song

Woke country songs 

Blowback from people over country songs

Connecting with Ted Nugent 

Eating bugs 

Cool hunting stories 

Taxidermy stores

Playing SEC Football

Be so good that they can’t start the game without you

Pointing people to Jesus with country music 

Actors with ball caps on

Finding a new way to be a musician

How Buddy found his faith 

Living out your faith 

Country music influences 

Subscriber Portion

The Holy Grail of country music for Buddy 

Pop country music 

Condescending cuteness of current country music 

Cover bands disguised as country artists

Chris Stapleton

Cool touring stories

Embarrassing concert entrance story

Touring life with Buddy


10 questions 

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