THE BEE WEEKLY: Kissing Chickens, A Hollywood Conservative, And Blue Checks

In this Bee Weekly, Kyle and Ethan are joined by Adam Yenser, a writer on The Ellen Show and a Republican in Hollywood who has inexplicably not been canceled yet. The CDC has new guidelines about kissing chickens for some reason and we talk about real things blue checks on Twitter say. There’s the usual weird news of the week, unexpected love mail, glorious hate mail, and more!

This episode is brought to you by Doug Wilson's new book How To Exasperate Your Wife!


Adam Yenser is here! Check out Cancelled News!

Upcoming Interview

Pastor Gabriel Hughes will be on the interview show next. We play the game Sin or Not Sin with him, talk about growing up around CCM artists, and in subscriber portion we go into stupid things Christians have said. It will come out Tuesday for the free loaders and the extended interview will be out Monday for all the beloved and wonderful paid subscribers. 

Subscriber Comment of the Week From Last Bee Weekly Goes To crsluggo!

Best comment from Frank Fleming’s Wife

YouTube Comment of the Week On The White Liberal Shocked As Black Man Gets ID

Weird News

CDC urges Americans not to kiss chickens amid Salmonella outbreak

Goodwill asks people to stop donating literal garbage

During a burglary call in SC a police dog bit a cow, then the officer tased the dog, then the cow kicked the officer 

The largest Lutheran denomination in Europe just announced that it is "trans." 

Chicago's Lori Lightfoot is now excluding white reporters from interviews 

Teen in Spain built underground den after fight with his parents

Spanish man becomes first creature killed by a dinosaur in a long time

Idaho men bounce Ping-Pong balls into 5 cups for Guinness record

“Real Things Blue Checks Say” and various Twitter happenings

  • What is going on with Larry the Cucumber?

  • This event was 1000 times worse than 9/11. Can you guess?

  • This journalist found discarded “glock packaging”

  • Wapo is worried about masks coming off and what this means for sexism.

  • Blue Check pontificates on who is not a Christian.

  • This mom on TikTok hates her baby because he’s white.

  • David Hogg makes an appearance this week.

Adam Yenser on being a conservative Republican in Hollywood and writing for the Ellen Show.

Love Mail

Matt Taibbi had some nice things to say about us!

Hate Mail

We have sold out for the babies.
Subscriber Portion

We get a message asking about the conservative one joke and whether we get bored of it.

The Ten Questions for Adam Yenser

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