Anarchy, Joy, and Fleeing New York | The Michael Malice Interview
May 24th ยท

On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Ethan and Dan talk to our Anarchist scholar, Michael Malice. They talk about Augustine, leaving New York, and the benefits of humor in dark times. This is Michael Malice’s fifth time on The Babylon Bee podcast. He has been one of the leading voices for the Anarchist movement appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience and many more. He has written several books, including organizing his newest book, The Anarchist Handbook, available wherever you get books. He also hosts the podcast “Your Welcome” available on wherever you get podcasts. 

You can catch Michael’s previous appearances on The Babylon Bee Podcast here and here and here, and also here

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Topics Discussed

Malice being mentioned in a Bee article

Finding humor in the darkness

The Cave and The Light


Plato vs Aristotle 

Ronald Reagan 

Forgetting name trick 

Michael Malice’s Twitter following 

What makes a good tweet

Liz Cheney and war mongering

Liz Cheney or Caitlyn Jenner for president

USA today on current Republicans

Moving to Austin 

Current state of New York  

Michael Malice’s new hobbies 

Learning to drive 

The Anarchist Handbook

Process of self-publishing

Chesterton’s Gateway 

Chesterton’s Fence 

Jordan Peterson

Benefits of humor 

Gavin Newsom and The French Laundry 

Do not give into evil

Pure beauty 

Helping people feel less alone 

Donation story 

Safety valve for the mind

Terrible experiences being a good thing

Chasing your own hat 

High end collectibles 

Senses of humor in people 

Subscriber Portion


10 questions for an Anarchist 


Political parties 

Alexander Hamilton 



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