THE BEE WEEKLY: Linkin’ Pork and Very Catholic Presidents

On The Babylon Bee Weekly, Ethan is joined by guest hosts Trevor Andersen and Dr. Thaddeus Williams. They talk about the weirdest of news like an elderly couple using morse code to escape an assisted living facility and Biden being called “a very Catholic president who supports abortion rights.” Thaddeus gives the best Linkin Park stories while Ethan and Trevor share little known pork facts in our newest segment: Linkin’ Pork. Hate mail this week comes from a reader who found our comments on Latter Day Saints to be “tasteless and unfunny.”

Dr. Thaddeus Williams wrote a new book recently: Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth available at Amazon today!


It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, so naturally The Babylon Bee Podcast invited Thaddeus Williams to join Trevor Andersen and Ethan Nicolle! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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