Rejected By David Letterman, Accepted By Christ: The John Branyan Interview

On The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Ethan and Dan talk to stand-up comedian, John Branyan. They talk comedy, frogs, and bad Atheist memes. John Branyan has been doing stand-up comedy for the last 25 years. His ‘Shakespeare’ version of The Three Little Pigs has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. He has written his second book titled, Life is Hardy-Har-Hard: How to Use Comedy to Make Your Life Better in which he discusses why we need to laugh more at ourselves when we fall down, especially if a banana peel is involved. 

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Topics Discussed

Ethan’s on drugs and Dan has replaced Kyle


Being rejected by David Letterman

Comedy as a weapon and a shield 

Why falling down is good


Story time with Ethan

The most important topic 

Why we need to bring humor into Christianity

Comedy as a shield 

Banana peels 

Chasing your own hat

Subscriber Portion 


Paul’s choice of words 

Bad atheist memes

10 questions

Another great Carman story

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