Satanic Metal Bands For Jesus And Join The Corporate Resistance

Kyle and Ethan are joined by standup comedian Trevor Andersen, who viewers may recognize from some of our sketches on YouTube. They talk about Satanic musicians who are or were in the closet of following Jesus and how people who are on the side of every major corporation now think that they are part of the resistance. There’s weird news, glorious and salty hate mail, and apparently Jordan Peterson is Red Skull.


Kyle and Ethan are joined by guest host, Trevor Andersen. You may recognize Trevor from our Teacher Union sketch and a few other news desks. 

Upcoming Interview 

We will have Biola Professor Dr. Thaddeus Williams and Monique Duson of the Center For Biblical Unity! They worked together on a book Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth.

Subscriber Dare: 

This one comes from Carla Pyle. She wants Kyle, Ethan, and Trevor to make the laughing guy, Patrick, laugh for 60 seconds straight. 

Weird News 

3D-Printed Cremation Urn Replicates Your Loved One's Head

A Swan Is Terrorizing Homeowners In The UK By Constantly Knocking On People’s Front Doors

Man Returns From Shopping Trip To Find 15,000 Bees In His Car

MMA Fighter Loses Finger During Match, Causing First Ever TKO By Detached Finger

French Police On Trail Of International Gang Of Lego Looters

Marvel Releases Captain America Comic With Red Skull Jordan Peterson  

Australian Man Beaten Up By Octopus While Swimming At The Beach 

Family Kicked Off Of Spirit Airlines Flight For 2-Year-Old Not Wearing Mask

Soviet Version Of Lord Of The Rings Discovered After 30 Years

Tiny Rabbit Is Obsessed With Giant Girlfriend Who's 4 Times His Size

Canadian Boy's 1.02-Inch Baby Tooth Declared A World Record

Jimmy Kimmel Stole Our Joke!

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Satanic Metal Bands That Were Actually Closeted Jesus Lovers 

Hate Mail

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Trevor Bombing Story

Bonus Hate Mail 

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Reading Mr. Andersen’s Headlines 

Trevor Does The 10 questions