Tweeting Elon and Pouring One Out For Cancelled Homies

This is the Bee Weekly for 3/12/21.

Kyle and Ethan are joined by CEO Seth Dillon and Managing Editor Joel Berry. They discuss the eccentric Elon Musk tweeting at The Bee while roasting The Onion, all those who have been  recently cancelled in the culture wars, and Alabama kangaroos. Talk turns to Big Tech censorship in the subscriber-exclusive lounge with The Babylon Bee’s CEO and, of course, there’s plenty of weird news and glorious hate mail.


Seth and Joel arrive in beautiful Southern California and everyone announces their preferred pronouns. They want to know what Trump’s breath smells like.

Subscriber Dare

We’ll do anything to get you to subscribe. In today’s edition of a segment some call “Dance Monkey Dance” we all wish Knox a very happy 11th birthday!

Weird News

"Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden" group says they feel "used and betrayed" by his radical abortion platform

 Wolf enclosure at Chinese zoo contains only a domesticated dog

TWO CATS in different states reunited with families after four years. North Carolina family reunited with lost cat after four years and Missing New Jersey cat turns up four years later in Pittsburgh

Turkey crashes through window into California dentist's office

Escaped kangaroo captured after two days on the loose in Alabama

15th century Chinese bowl bought for $35 at Connecticut yard sale

Woke madness: 6th grade teacher divides her students into "privileged groups" and "targeted groups" to teach about "oppression"

Teenager spends 36 hours on swing to break Guinness record

Elon Musk Tweeting The Bee

The Bee has taken on some strange bedfellows. You know like the previous president and the richest man on earth.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Remembering The Cancel Culture Icons We've Lost

Hate Mail

Sometimes Seth will personally respond to your hate mail. A dramatic re-enactment.

Subscriber Lounge

Cancel Culture and Big Tech Censorship

The Ten Questions for The Babylon Bee’s CEO and Managing Editor!

Bonus Hate Mail

Abigail calls us racists over our recent coverage of the former royals: Harry and Megan.

Subscriber Headlines of the Week