Creating The Christian Metal Genre: Michael Sweet Interview

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk to Christian heavy metal legend, Michael Sweet. Michael Sweet is the lead singer/guitar player for the band Stryper. Stryper has produced a new album titled Even The Devil Believes available wherever you get music. Kyle and Ethan find out about Stryper’s origins, throwing Bible’s into the audience, and where that van with a machine gun came from. 

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Topics Discussed

Christian Metal

Stryper color’s origin

Response to criticism

Why Stryper isn’t cool 

Stryper’s accomplishments 

Kyle’s discovery of Stryper

Stryper making a comeback

Being spat on

Oz and Michael’s style of guitar playing 

Album recording tricks for Stryper

Even The Devil Believes 

Subscriber Portion 


Touring with Boston

Lessons in falsetto

Stryper playing a part of the metal community

Driving around with a machine gun 

Babylon Bee Song

10 questions

Carman meeting

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