Death by Rooster and Observing Lent While Hating Everybody

Ethan Nicolle is joined by Doug TenNapel in Exile and Wes Halula on this Bee Weekly to talk about Texas ditching mask mandates and what it’s like to celebrate Lent while hating everybody. Ethan and Wes also discuss totally substantiated rumors of more Star Wars stars getting cancelled, irony striking at cockfights, and Satanic cats trying to crash passenger airplanes.

This episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast is brought to you by The Word of the Lord Endures, a fifteen minute, verse-by-verse bible study with Pastor Will Weedon.


Kyle is gone for this week, but the Bee turned 5 years old, we have 100,000 subscribers on YouTube now, and comedy pitched to the algorithm gets rejected.

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Michael Poush writes, “ I was on the fence about subscribing, and then I heard you guys talk about how you’d do anything to get people to subscribe. On further review, I never did come up with anything I wanted; no websites to plug or anything. Can I get a voucher for one free shoutout at a later date? Thanks!

Weird News

Florida couple find 7-foot alligator lurking in garage

Passenger flight turns around in Sudan when stowaway cat attacks pilot

There are blue, pink, and green dogs running wild in Russia and I have questions.

A rooster killed its owner with a knife.

This woman was refused service at a grocery store for not wearing a mask so she did what any ordinary person would do

NC-based Marine sentenced for smuggling firearms to Haiti in plot to train army, become president

Giant NCAA bracket on Indiana hotel breaks Guinness record

Totally Substantiated Star Wars Rumors

Star Wars land is crazy right now and everyone is getting cancelled.

Doug Tennapel in Exile

Doug Tennapel joins Ethan and Wes to talk about the week’s craziness and also what it’s like to celebrate Lent while hating everyone.

Hate Mail

Chayse says we crossed a line with our cat humor.

Heads Up

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Stryper’s Michael Sweet coming next Tuesday!

Subscriber Portion

Ethan, Wes and a mystery guest talk about showrunning and writing in Hollywood.


Michelle appreciates how we handled a delicate situation with certain celebrities abandoning the faith.

Bonus Hate Mail

The Bee Support asks why Anna cancelled us and she says we make fun of conservatives too much. 

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