Ginormous Food, Gigantic Cancelation: The Josh Denny Interview

This is The Babylon Bee Interview show. 

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk to stand up comedian, Josh Denny. Josh was the host of Ginormous Food on Food Network until he was canceled back in 2018 for a tweet. You can support his podcast and comedy on by searching Josh Denny. Kyle and Ethan talk to him about how he became a food show host, why McDonalds is worth fighting for, and the future of stand up comedy.

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Topics Discussed 

Making a food network show

Fault of most competition shows 

Two reasons that will make Josh walk out on a restaurant filming

Getting emails of dopplegägner

Project Greenlight


Jim Gaffigan’s stances 

Comedians talking against Trump

George Bush 

Multi racial whiteness

The absurdity of politics

Ridicule over arguing 

Winning on absurdity instead of intellectualism

Being cancelled in 2018

Silver lining of covid 

Choosing where to spend your money

The reality of being a comedian

Subscriber Portion

Defending the tweet that cancelled

Masked Singer

Judging people by the color of your skin

Being openly Pro-life

Being educated on your rights

Problem of censoring bad ideas 

Josh’s way of making comedy

Racial separation 

Creating bits beyond the first idea 

Jeselnik Offensive 

Time machine 

Putting guard rails on comedy

Being relatable vs boring

The Pixar movie Up

Giving people a new perspective 

Bombing story


Self tapes

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