Valentine’s Day With The Queen Bees

The Queen Bees, Destiny, Jess, and Chandra, join their blockheaded husbands, Kyle, Ethan, and Dan, for a great Valentine’s Party on The Babylon Bee Podcast. They talk about their spouse’s annoying habits, tough guys from San Bernardino getting stabbed, and Kyle’s thing for feet. In the subscriber portion, they answer questions taken from subscribers and the ladies are subjected to the world-famous Ten Questions!

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Topics Discussed

Chandra is a different color than Dan

The horrors of parenting

Some of the scariest moments of having children

Why a kid will need a rhino leash

Relationship Questions

Spouse’s Annoying Habits

Cultivating desire or repulsion

Kyle’s Thing For Feet

Fighting is a good thing

Don’t leave your meat trash in the sink

Tough Guys From San Bernardino 

Patrick is single, ladies

Subscriber-submitted questions

Wives Answer The Ten Questions

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