The Bee Reads LOTR Episode 6: A Conspiracy and an Old Forest

Kyle, Dan, and Jonathan Watson, of TheOneRing.Com, guide you to Crickhollow, where Samwise Gamgee’s conspiracy is unmasked, and then on to a spooky ancient forest that tries to kill the hobbits. Then, as Kyle puts it, a “cracked out hobo” comes to rescue them. It’s two chapters this week on The Babylon Bee Reads The Lord of the Rings!

Chapter summaries: Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry make it to the tucked away house in Crickhollow and also meet Fatty who with Merry has been getting the house ready. The three travellers all bathe together and sing (in separate tubs), eat food, and Frodo finds out that his friends have known all along about the conspiracy to get the ring out of the Shire. Their plan is to sneak out through a small gate in the hedge that separates Buckland from the Old Forest. We learn that the Forest is very much alive and at enmity with the “colonizers” of Buckland. The four hobbits going through the Old Forest quickly find the forest against them! Old Man Willow causes the hobbits to fall asleep, traps Merry and Pippin within its cracks, and almost drowns Frodo.  A cracked out hobo in the woods comes to their rescue!

Some questions or themes:

The fellowship seems to be born in Chapter 5. Merry and Pippin refuse to let Frodo rush off into danger without them coming too.

The stouthearted loyalty of the hobbits in their friendship

The Forest being alive and at enmity and able to react to the trespassers

Intro to Tom Bombadil