Using The Internet To Make a Christian Movie And Bears Like Techno

This is the Babylon Bee Weekly News Podcast for the week of 2/4/2021.

Kyle and Ethan from The Babylon Bee talk about bears crashing a techno jam, spinach is now sending e-mails,  and how to generate a Christian movie using the internet. There’s weird news, stuff that’s good, and glorious hate mail.


Welcome to the newly revamped Bee Weekly. But first, A clarification on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez article.

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Weird News

A mob of left-wing radicals armed with hatchets and knives took over a Washington hotel on Sunday -- wait, the corporate media didn't tell you??-in-wa-on-sunday-the-media-told-you-all-about-it-right

Bear interrupts DJ’s online techno jam

Hitler’s toilet seat is going up for auction

This tech company returned to their office after lockdown to discover the building was now under the control of 20,000 bees!

Elon Musk's Brain Company Hopes To Make a Cyborg Monkey Play 'Mind Pong'

Texas accidentally issues Amber Alert for cursed doll Chucky

Scientists Have Taught Spinach To Send Emails


Ethan has stuff that’s good: Inferno City Firehouse

Topic of The Week

Can the internet make a better Christian movie than what is already out there? We generated a Christian movie using the internet.

Hate Mail

Lynn says that The Babylon Bee is the laughing stock of all the Republicans in her great area.

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Can the internet make a better Christian romance film?


Rush liked our interview with James White and is praying for Ethan.

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