Dustin Nickerson Interview: Former Youth Pastor/Current Stand Up Comic

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In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk to comedian Dustin Nickerson who hails from Seattle, but suffers in Southern California. Dustin was married at 19 and 15 years later has 3 kids, so he has plenty of insight on parenting, marriage, and being generally annoyed by people. Dustin has a new special on Amazon called OVERWHELMED. Topics covered are Dustin’s start in stand up, new lockdowns, and working as a youth pastor. 

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Topic Discussed

Starting a stand up comedy career

Favorite Bee article

Political comedy

Ethan’s connection to Dustin

Living in Seattle


Moving to San Diego

2nd round of lockdowns

Secrets of a happy marriage

Coos Bay

Working as a youth pastor

Comedy for Christian crowds

Bad stand up gigs

Laughing at both sides of politics

Golfing with Larry the Cable Guy

Subscriber Portion

Keurig of furniture

Roast of the subscriber lounge

Bad segways 

College gigs

Facebook trolling

Comedy on the internet

Mark Driscoll

Being too insignificant to get fired

Disdain for celebrity Pastors

Appreciation of stand-up

Brad Garrett stories

10 questions

Altar Call

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