Andrew Heaton Interview: Will Be Your Amish Ambassador

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In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk to comedian, author, and political satirist  Andrew Heaton. Andrew has performed stand up comedy all over the world and hosts two podcasts, one of them featuring Kyle and Ethan. Andrew’s two podcasts are titled The Political Orphanage and Alienating the Audience. Kyle and Ethan dive into Andrew’s strange Oklahoma upbringing that deals with a Prison rodeo, eating a rattlesnake heart, and having unknown ties to a family cave. While on his journey out of Oklahoma, Andrew worked for a time at congress and tells Kyle and Ethan about how that experience helped shape him to become politically homeless. 

Andrew is @MightyHeaton on all social media. 

Political Orphanage Podcast

Alienating The Audience

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Topics Discussed

Trouble with sleep

Political labels and comedy

Oklahoma prison rodeo 

Rattlesnake derby 

Eating rattlesnake hearts

Exploring Caves in Oklahoma

Weiner Dog racing 

Dinner with an Amish community

Viking Runestones

Working for Congress 

Beer pong with a Congressman

Alienating the Audience

Economics of Dune

Current Political Art is going to age badly

How British politics do it right

Owning a distillery in Scotland 

Getting a van stuck in a bog in Scotland

Subscriber Portion

Italian Fire

Cigar smoking

Living in a variety of places

Quarantine in a camper

Legalizing drugs

Underground libertarian drug den

Meeting Vermin Supreme

Yelling at politicians

European Californians

GK Chesterton quote

History Improv

10 Questions

Phil Robertson

Stephen Colbert

Bombing as a comedian

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