Mike Lindell Interview: The Jesse Ventura of Pillows

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk to Mike Lindell. Mike Lindell is the founder and current CEO of My Pillow. Mike Lindell first gained fame for starring in the My Pillow infomercials sporting his trademark mustache, periwinkle blue shirt, and cross necklace. He has gained recent notoriety for becoming one of President Trump’s biggest supporters. Mike shows why he is always the best at parties by sharing stories of his crack addiction, becoming a commercial celebrity, and how the media can’t cancel him. 

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Topics Discussed 

  • What makes the My Pillow Great? 

  • How an inventor’s mind works

  • Becoming an Evangelical speaker

  • World record pillow fight 

  • Bible Verses with My Pillow  

  • Addiction story

  • Getting cut off from a drug dealer

  • Lindell Recovery Network

  • Donald Trump

  • Swords, drugs, Mexico

  • Armed robbery as a card counter 

  • Infomercials

  • Been on tv 3.2 million times

  • Periwinkle Blue shirts

  • Government is sequestering the supplements

  • South Dakota has been doing it right 

  • California’s insanity with Covid 

  • Donald Trump and the election

  • Addiction centers

  • Mask giveaway with a two hour sermon 

Subscriber Portion

  • My Pillow voting machine

  • My Pillow can help with all the corruption in politics

  • Wearing a cross at the crack house and on TV

  • Breaking records on the shopping network 

  • Hears God by staying proactive in Prayer

  • Funding Unplanned 

  • Riding a bulldozer in Unplanned 

  • Being attacked by Jack Dorky

  • 10 Questions 

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