Austin Petersen: Secular Pro-Life Dude Bro Interview

This is the Babylon Bee Interview show. 

In this episode of the Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk to Austin Petersen. Austin Petersen ran for President in the 2016 election with the  Libertarian Party and is the founder and chief editor for The Libertarian Republic Website. He is described as a secular dude bro that is Pro life and finds more in common with many Christian Conservatives than those in his own party. Kyle and Ethan test Austin on his Libertarian views, especially in terms of Trump policies, Ferret ownership, and how often he prays to the Libertarian father, Ron Paul.

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Topics Discussed   

  • Election Day

  • How many times does Austin show reverence toward Ron Paul? 

  • Why Petersen voted for Trump

  • Major difference between Dems and Republicans

  • Conservatism is about losing slowly

  • The Two kinds of libertarians 

  • Libertarian view on Ferret ownership

  • Are Libertarians Eating babies?

  • Secular argument toward Pro life

  • Creation of incubation chambers

  • Secular journey for Petersen 

  • Why Petersen prefers Christian Conservative to Atheists Communists

  • Not speaking up is much worse

  • Libertarian Government future is not good

  • Senator Mike Lee 

  • Libertarians take on a social justice warrior perspective

Subscriber Portion

  • Problem with Petersen’s Wiki page

  • Living in a dumpster behind a quick drip

  • Being a dude bro

  • Most Garbage Libertarian website

  • Why Petersen can’t fit in to any political party

  • 10 questions

  • Good Kick fight story 

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