Dumpster Fire Debate/ACB Blood Cult/Smart People Don’t Pay Taxes News Show 10.2.2020

This is the Babylon Bee Weekly News Podcast for the week of 10/2/2020.

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk about the week’s biggest stories like it being revealed by the corporate press that Amy Coney Barrett is part of some weird religious cult that drinks blood, the nation’s libertarians cheering Trump’s smart avoidance of Federal theft, and a state without electricity now demanding everyone buy an electric car. Kyle and Ethan also react to the dumpster fire that is our nation’s presidential debate. Buckle your Chesterbelts, it’s another Babylon Bee News Show.


Ethan wants face foam and Kyle visited Texas for The Texan’s Night With The Babylon Bee.

Stuff That’s Good

Kyle likes Stryper - Even the Devil Believes.

Ethan likes BREAKDOWN with Kurt Russell.

Weird News

Stories of the Week

Story 1 

CNN Reports Amy Coney Barrett Attended Bizarre Ceremony Where She Ate Flesh, Drank Blood Of Jewish Guy

Summary:  In a disturbing new report, CNN has revealed the bizarre practices of the strange cult Amy Coney Berrett belongs to. Known to some as "Christendom," it features many ancient rituals that were recorded by undercover CNN journalists at a strange stone building on Sunday where the ceremonies were held. Secret cameras showed Amy Coney Barrett kneeling before a priest-type figure as he recited some kind of incantation in a dead tongue. The priest then held up a round wafer and a goblet of red liquid which he announced to be the true body and blood of a Jewish rabbi who died 2000 years ago.They then brought a newborn baby to a basin of water and attempted to drown it.

Story 2

Libertarian Voters Flock To Trump After Learning He Avoided Paying Taxes

Summary: Trump is polling high among an unexpected group: libertarians, who were energized and drawn to Trump's cause after the New York Times revealed that he paid as little as $750 in federal taxes some years.

  • The NYT published last Sunday twenty years of back tax returns after some anonymous bureaucrat leaked it showing “chronic losses and years of tax avoidance”

  • Within 4 hours Biden had a video ad attack the info contained in the leak

  • It is illegal for the IRS to leak the personal tax returns of any individual. The Times is guarding its sources closely.

  • Trump bragged in 2016 at debates that he paid the least amount of taxes that he legally could. “That makes me smart,” he said in a debate with Hillary.

Story 3

State With No Electricity Orders Everyone To Drive Cars That Run On Electricity

Summary: California, a state with no electricity, has ordered everyone to drive cars that run on electricity. Well, how dya like that
California to ban all new gas-powered cars by 2035 under order by Gov. Gavin Newsom

  • This doesn’t require a bill to be passed into law??? Gavin just decided this? School House Rock was a lie!

Topic of the Week: Biden-Trump Debate Reaction

Kyle and Ethan laugh and then cry a little when reacting to the first debate between Trump and Biden.

Hate Mail

Tony wants to know why it is our mission to spread misinformation and lies in this pandemic apocalyptic time and we also get accused of being “proud boy lovers”.

Love Mail

The people demand more animation and weird Bible stories.

Subscriber Portion

Kyle and Ethan talk muppets for some reason and answer an email from Holly about Kyle being such a rebel with his non-voting.

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