Jerry Falwell Jr./Netflix Pervs/Top 10 Comedies News Show 8.28.2020

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk about the  week’s big stories like the news surrounding Jerry Falwell Jr., Netflix trying to normalize pedophilia before celebrities get outed by Ghislaine Maxwell, and how flatulence during lockdown may be leading to a rise in elder abuse. They also do a rundown of their top ten comedy movies of all time, read some hate mail, and talk about infant baptism and lame church websites.


We are in The Babylon Bee Autonomous Zone and Ethan has a milestone birthday today!

Stuff That’s Good

Kyle likes Legend of Korra.

Ethan likes the Richard Jewell movie directed by Clint Eastwood.

Weird News

Stories of the Week

Story 1

Hollywood Elites Rush To Normalize Pedophilia Before They're All Outed By Ghislaine Maxwell

Summary: With Epstein’s infamous assistant Ghislaine Maxwell awaiting trial and testimony in prison, many celebrities, politicians, and entertainment industry elites are rushing to make pedophilia generally acceptable before they’re outed as patrons of Epstein’s notorious island.

Story 2

California Ends Exploitation Of Workers For Good By Banning All Jobs

Summary: California has claimed victory over the horrible abuse and exploitation of workers at the hands of evil employers with a new bill, AB666, which will make it a crime to work for a living.

Story 3

 Gen Xers Decide To Split Off From Rest Of Society And Form A Utopia That’s All Relaxed And Cool And, You Know, Whatever

Summary: After years being stuck between the lame boomers and the extra millennials, Generation X has finally decided to do the sensible thing and split off from the rest of society and make a utopia that will be all relaxed and chill and not get worked up over everything.

Topic of the Week

Kyle and Ethan talk about their Top 10 Comedy Movies Of All Time 

Hate Mail

We encounter a Susan and somebody keeps commenting on the podcast telling us to quit podcasting and go back to being funny.

Subscriber Portion

Mailbag: Kyle, Ethan, and Producer Dan answer an audio question from subscriber Clarence Thomas Aquinas about infant baptism. He says he only listens to ⅔ of the episodes though. Kyle and Ethan also tackle a question about a church’s online presence.

Also Mentioned: The R.C. Sproul vs. John MacArthur debate on infant baptism.

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