Who Was That Mysterious Stranger At Bee Live?
· Premium · Mar 2, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

If you were in attendance at Bee Live, you might have noticed a strange, flannel-clad mystery man on stage during the finale. After noticing his ruggedly-handsome good looks, you probably thought to yourself, "who IS this guy, and where's security?" Fear not…it was just me.

As a lowly part-time writer, I wasn't in the loop on some of the finer points of the run of show. At some point, the team discussed having all staff come on stage at the end to say hello to the audience. Then someone decided that was a terrible idea, but THAT news never made its way back to me.

So, as I sat in the wings at the end of the show nursing my sore back with the lumbar pillow I brought from home, Jarret invited the cast to come on stage. My new friend @realSamGreer, who also didn't get the memo, grabbed me and we ran up on stage with the rest of the cast.


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