Welcome, New-bees!
Premium · Dec 2, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

Hey, Bee fam! My life has been a blur lately with travel and interviews to promote our new book. Meanwhile, we're still busy cooking up delicious Babylon Bee content for you and working on more and more projects in the background to delight and entertain. So I've been a little unplugged from y'all lately!

Y'all? I culturally appropriated that from my trip to Nashville, where I got to appear on Candace Owens's show, which was a great time. But I'm back in the land of sunshine and ready to write excellent satire. What'd I miss? Did SlightlyDesperateHousewife edit out all my split infinitives? Are you guys still pitching teen laundry pile headlines? Has Ethan kicked his cigar habit yet? Let me know what's going on!


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