Radicalized By Last Four Years Of Living With Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton Announces Support For Trump
Politics · Sep 9, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - Trump has just gotten an endorsement from an unlikely source: Bill Clinton. Radicalized by four years of Hillary Clinton ranting about Putin and election interference, the former President announced his support for Trump in a video message Wednesday.

"If you had to live with Hillary for the last four years, trust me, you'd support Trump, too," an exasperated Bill Clinton said in a video released Wednesday.

"She hasn't let 2016 go. It's Russia this, Russia that. Non-stop. I tried to tell her, 'Putin didn't make you not campaign in Wisconsin, darling.' You can imagine how that went," he added.

Yelling could be heard in the background of Mr. Clinton's video, which appeared to be filmed on a cell phone with the former leader of the free world speaking in hushed tones while crouching in a dimly lit closet.

"Yes, that noise you hear is her. I told you, she hasn't stopped for four long years," said the former President as he paused to check through the cracked closet door to see if Hillary had moved closer to his location.

Mr. Clinton went on to offer a few basic reasons behind why he is now donning a Make America Great Again hat in public including Trump's ability to not constantly mention Putin, Russia, or Wikileaks to him in every single conversation. 

"It was a pretty low bar. We just need to vote for whoever is not an obsessed conspiracy theory nut at this point."

Mr. Clinton ended his video message by imploring the voters, "Let's make America great again."

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