How Awesome Is The Bee Community? Here's What You Had To Say
· Premium · Sep 13, 2023 ·

Here at The Babylon Bee (and our wicked step-brother, Not The Bee), we're not just a community — we're really like a family. Ok, so it's a family comprised solely of crazy aunts and uncles, but it's a family nonetheless. To prove it, we've rounded up some testimonials from YOU lovely people.

These are only a few examples of the great feedback we've received over the years, but it's a great reminder about what our little corner of the internet has come to mean to so many of us.

  • "As an active member of the Not the Bee community, I have found my experience to be not entirely unpleasant." — Imprimus
  • "The wonderful insanity of this place has kept me sane through all the chaos. I can sign in and laugh, get updated on what's really going on in the world, and meet with like-minded people. This is truly a community." — Linda Gagnon
  • "In two days it is billing time for me. Paying to be here is worth it. Because you can find true spirituality. Because you meet people who are priceless. Because you never know what you are going to read or watch, except you know that it won't be obnoxious. Also, I came here as a liberal and I was not hunted down by a crowd with pitchforks. That speaks volumes. So, basically, decent people, with big hearts, who make this community like no other online. And kudos to the people running this platform. Yes, you can quote me, the unicorn around here." — Margret
  • "The funnest, bestest, mostest, wonderful social community ever! Who knew there was a place where you could laugh, cry, argue, pray for each other, and talk politics while still loving each other? What a place to be." — Lindamaymay
  • "Worlds away from the nastiness and vitriol I see on other platforms and comment sections. It is largely kind, thoughtful, careful, and civil in its commentary." — Soundcloset
  • "I thoroughly enjoy everything about my interactions here. I'm passionately patriotic and that is accepted, even when I get too much so for some. The rare hand slap is often deserved, and it's just a tap anyway. This site has become my new home, it just happened to be move-in ready" — CoffeeClubFemale
  • "This amazing community allows me to speak freely on topics that I could not discuss on other social media platforms without fear of repercussions. It stands as a safe haven in the storm. I have also been blessed to meet many amazing people on the platform and appreciate the free exchange of different ideas on a variety of topics from the flats/heels for women debate to who was the best president of the United States. Finally, the people in the Bee community have taught me so much about faith! And for that, I am eternally grateful." — SueSueRonRon
  • "I have made some amazing friends through this site. Not the bee restored my faith in humanity." — Ms Tee
  • "Great site. Good people. A loving and caring Christ-centered community, that will rally to support those in need. Good memes. Accurate news. And the best part? Battleships." — USS_Missouri
  • "I started my "superfangirlness" by reading the Babylon Bee headlines and articles. Then the editor and some writers started admitting they were with the Bee. (I love writers! Especially funny ones!) Then I found the podcast. And then I asked my husband for a membership so I could hear the rest of the scoop. Blessed to be asked to join a social Bee group as a Beta member and that was early in the lockdown. I found the rest of my tribe and a place where you could question the narrative. And review movies and shows. When I began actually meeting the managing editor, his family, and other Floridian folks from the Bee/NTB, it became a lifestyle. It was capped with the Bee Live event in February ‘23 where, if they had offered tattoos, who knows? I came for the memes and laughs and stayed for the friends. These people have changed US culture for the better." — Tired Mama

Rest assured, all of us here at The Babylon Bee feel the same way about you lovely people. Thank you for helping make the Bee community everything it is — and will grow to be in the future!


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