Tell Us Your Favorite Memories Of The Old Podcast Studio
Premium · Jun 1, 2022 ·

The Babylon Bee podcast and video production team is moving! We've grown accustomed to our tiny little production studio despite its flaws. Sure, the building moved a little bit every time a truck drove by, but it never fell down on top of us the entire time we were there. Every horn, siren, and loud engine sounded like it was right in the room with us for every minute of the past two years. We attempted to cram 20 people into a space that was meant for maybe 8 people at the most far too often. We've outgrown the place, but it's still a little sad to pack everything up and tear it down. A lot of love, passion, and creativity was poured into that space to make it such a great place to make cool stuff. We also made lots of friends and shared lots of laughs. 


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