Subscriber Update: We Have Returned!
Premium · Jun 29, 2020 ·

Thanks for your patience and understanding as The Bee went kinda dark for a few days! I couldn't resist and still threw up a couple jokes on my phone while we were gone, but other than that, it was all reposts on social media to keep things afloat! 

For those wondering, we had a great time.

Here are all your questions answered:

  • How easily does Ethan's skin burn? How many cigars can he smoke in a 3-day period?
    • Very easily. He stayed out of the sun, though, for the most part. He smoked 12 cigars.
  • Does Frank make as many dad jokes in person as he does on the Bee?
    • Yes.
  • Is Kyle really a human suit controlled by poodles?
    • Yes.
  • How does it feel to dive into Seth's pool full of money?
    • The jacuzzi full of gold coins is painful. The Olympic pool of dollar bills is pretty comfy. Diving into the giant, empty pool symbolically representing his Bitcoins proved to be deadly.
  • Do all these writers actually have wives or are they just cardboard standups?
    • They actually do have wives, and they all are amazing and hilarious people.
  • Are all the Bee writers horrendously ugly and have just been catfishing us this whole time?
    • They are all very attractive. They made many women stumble.
  • Does Dan Coats carry a soundboard with him to play Dave DeAndrea sound clips in everyday conversations?
    • Yes. Actually Dan kept abandoning us to get some rest. He has a young daughter so we all understood. We did finally get him to come out and do some night swimming on the final night, and that was a great time.
  • Will we all get the Rona?
    • We will let you know in 2-14 days. While we were there, Florida shut down bars again and a mask order had just gone into effect, so we had fun trying to slip in and out of places without our masks.

In all seriousityness, though, we were all amazed at how God brought this group together. We mostly just knew everyone online, and everyone turned out to be authentic, godly people who also have a great sense of humor. The odds of picking a group of writers based on headline pitches and your gut and all of them turning out to be incredible people seem pretty low -- so we're gonna have to say this was God's providence.


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