Subscriber Update: It's Vacation Time!

Kyle Mann

Hey, Beehive -- sorry we've been a little quiet on premium content this week. We have had a crazy time because all of us Bee writers are getting ready to go on a little retreat tomorrow. Many of us will be meeting in person for the first time, so that's super exciting. Many questions will be answered, such as:

  • How easily does Ethan's skin burn? How many cigars can he smoke in a 3-day period?
  • Does Frank make as many dad jokes in person as he does on the Bee?
  • Is Kyle really a human suit controlled by poodles?
  • How does it feel to dive into Seth's pool full of money?
  • Do all these writers actually have wives or are they just cardboard standups?
  • Are all the Bee writers horrendously ugly and have just been catfishing us this whole time?
  • Does Dan Coats carry a soundboard with him to play Dave DeAndrea sound clips in everyday conversations?
  • Will we all get the Rona?

These questions and more will be answered when we return. In the meantime, expect little to no content tomorrow through Sunday -- it will be reposts on social media for four days! Ahhhh!!! Don't have a withdrawal!

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