Subscriber Exclusive: Trump Answers The 10 Questions
Premium · Jul 22, 2020 ·

We recently had an interview with Donald Trump on the challenges of being the smartest, most popular president ever. We cut off the interview for the freeloaders and had Trump answer the Ten Questions just for you, the subscribers. Here are Trump's answers:

KYLE: Have you met Carman?

TRUMP: Of course I’ve met Carmen. Wonderful woman, very beautiful. Believe me. A lot of people have trouble finding her like where in the world is she, but not me. No way. I always figure out where she is before the end of the episode. Same thing with Waldo. Other people are like, "Where the [FLOWERBED] is Waldo?" and I'm like "Boom, there he is. Guy in the striped shirt. Can't miss him."


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