Report: Guy With Pronouns In His Bio Doesn’t Think The Babylon Bee Is Funny


U.S.—According to sources, local journalist and progressive Christian Conner Boofy (he/him), doesn't think The Babylon Bee is funny at all. 

"The Babylon Bee is a transphobic alt-right rag for MAGA people," said Boofy. "They only make fun of the Left, but never the Right. They are painfully unfunny and have been for quite some time now. I actually feel sorry for them." 

In a statement to reporters, Boofy denounced The Bee as a hotbed of Christian white nationalism that spreads dangerous disinformation disguised as "satire", and whose every headline "smacks of racism and transphobia."

"They are extremely dangerous with their unfunny jokes written by talentless people that nobody laughs at," he said. "They make me so mad that I think about them day and night and reply to all their articles with things like 'This ain't it, Chief', or 'Conservatives only have 2 jokes' to help spread the word about their dangerous and unfunny humor."

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