Periodic 'What Media Are You All Enjoying Like Good Consumers?' Post
Premium · Nov 12, 2020 ·

I run the show around here, so I write what I want. Right now I want to talk about video games and TV shows that I'm into, so here we go.

I'm currently rewatching Buffy and playing through Arkham Knight again. Forgot how good Buffy was, even though it's pretty hokey sometimes. When Joss Whedon is on, he's on -- though the "teenagers who are super witty and eloquent" thing can get on your nerves once in a while.

(For the homeschoolers out there, Buffy is a TV show about a girl who fights vampires).

Arkham Knight... oh man. So good. I feel like this one's super-underrated. I'd nearly put it in my top 10 video games ever (which we're going to cover on a podcast when Ethan is out for the week). A lot of the complaints centered around the Batmobile segments, which... why? You get to drive the friggin' Batmobile and it becomes a tank. This was my favorite of the Arkham series, and it's not even close.


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