Open Discussion Thread: Whatchyall Readin' Lately?
Premium · Apr 3, 2020 ·

Welcome to the latest open discussion thread for our fine subscribers. I'm gonna try to do these weekly. I'll give a general topic, but you're always welcome to talk about whatever!

We're all confined to our homes for the foreseeable future and hopefully are finding lots of time to curl up with a good book. Since I write so much for the Bee I'm always plugged in and it takes away from my reading time a lot, but I'm trying to get back to always having a few books to pick at in my downtime.

Here's my reading list:

  • Lord of the Rings - I'm always slowly going through Lord of the Rings. I don't rush this because it's an experience. I'm more visiting Middle Earth than reading a book. I'm pretty early on in Fellowship as Frodo is making arrangements to leave the Shire. Best book ever written, barring the Bible.
  • The Last Battle - I've been reading the Narnia books to my kids, and we're just about done. We're on the last two chapters of The Last Battle. Save for Lewis's soft universalism at the end, this may be my favorite of the Narnia books. I tear up at the end every time... Might start The Hobbit with them next.
  • The book of Judges - My OT Bible reading is in Judges right now. Joshua was fun though I admit I skimmed the divvying up of the land. 
  • Catcher in the Rye - My wife loves this book. I've never read it. I started it last night. The sentences are very choppy. Like this. But I think that's how it's supposed to be. It's easy reading at least.
  • The Icewind Dale trilogy - I read the Drizzt origin story trilogy but didn't make it through the last book. Just way too much of Drizzt brooding about his place in the world and stuff. The first two books were a fun adventure, kinda like a dungeon crawl with some political scheming and such. So I'm skipping the rest and jumping into the Icewind Dale books.

So, what are you all reading during this time of quarantine? Would love some more recommendations for the pile...


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