Open Discussion Thread: Vidyagames
Premium · Jul 26, 2021 ·

Happy Monday, Bee fam.

I sporadically find time to play video games. I won't get to play them for many months and then suddenly I'll miraculously manage to beat a few games in a row. And then it's time to hang up the keyboard and mouse for another few months as life gets in the way of my virtual accomplishments.

So, at the recommendation of our Managing Editor, Joel Berry, I played through Titanfall 2 recently and loved it. It was instantly obvious the developers drew inspiration from Half-Life, one of my favorite games ever, so I was in love right away. I then beat Battlefront II. And now I'm addicted to a few tower defense games on my phone. I need help. My name is Kyle and I am a towerdefenseaholic.


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