Open Discussion Thread: Hi
· Premium · Sep 16, 2022 ·

Hi. How you guys doin'? What's going on lately?

Fall is in the air - well, not here; we don't have seasons. But the kids are back in school and it's 90 degrees instead of 100 degrees, which is nice. Been playing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons with the kiddos, which has been great. Have not accidentally summoned a demon yet. Fingers crossed that streak of luck continues. Got 6 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles and holy cow that game is long apparently. It's like 200 billion hours of gameplay; not sure I have the patience to finish it up. I also nearly beat Chrono Trigger and just need to circle back to beat the final boss.

Oh, our bird got out and we had to chase her around the neighborhood, which was fun. A nice neighbor helped us get her down from a palm tree. Now she's back safe in the house where she squawks and annoys us constantly. Why do we keep getting pets that we love and also annoy us because they're idiots? Who knows. God only knows. Also, I'm going to see Iron Maiden next week, which will be fun. Also have not accidentally summoned a demon with my heavy metal yet.


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