Open Discussion Thread: AMERICA HECK YES Edition
Premium · Jul 6, 2020 ·

'Sup, Beehive. We hope everyone had a relaxing Fourth, for those of us in the U.S. And for the people outside the U.S. -- what on earth is wrong with you?

Ethan, Dan, and I had a great time hanging out here in California. Nobody obeyed any fireworks restrictions and the neighborhood was absolutely lit up with colorful explosions for hours. One guy at our party also nearly blew himself up, but God graciously spared him a lifetime of having to explain why he has no eyebrows. Anyway, the complete disregard for tyranny made my libertarian-leaning heart proud.

We were all struck with a sense of gratitude that God has given us liberty and prosperity when we deserve neither -- truly He has been good to us. Let's all reflect on the goodness of God as the hot summer days continue! And may the UV rays burn away all coronaviruses. How about you? How was your Fourth (or lame, boring, non-holiday Saturday if you're not American)?


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