Op-Ed: A Good Way To Defeat Lies On The Internet
Premium · Nov 13, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

There's been much hand-wringing among politicians and Big Tech about the spread of "disinformation." As we got closer to the 2020 election, Big Tech's obsession with controlling the narrative grew stronger and more brazen. Now it's almost impossible to share a Facebook post or a Tweet without a notice, a warning, or a reminder from the ivory tower lords of Big Tech who are desperate to prevent you from seeing disinformation -- or rather, information that falls outside the "correct" narrative. 

Now that we find ourselves in a contested election, it's more difficult to find good sources of information. Everyone has an agenda, it seems. For every truth, there are ten lies going viral. So what do we do? Thankfully, this isn't a new problem. We've been here before.


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