Office Buzz: Tensions Rise Over After-Work Game Of Kingdom Builder
Premium · Jun 14, 2022 ·

We're finally feeling settled here at Bee Pacific (our esteemed SoCal office located in a giant coal mine). You'll get to see the new podcast studio on the podcast and some other areas of the building are still under construction. However, I can show you this random unentertaining room.

Behold, the Writer's Lounge!

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This room has inherited all the furniture from the previous subscriber's lounge. It serves a different purpose, though. This is the "writer's lounge" where we work on our sketch ideas in a collaborative environment. As you can see, we haven't done much with the walls yet and the furniture is all temporary. We'll be replacing it with shiny new furniture that can travel through time as soon as we finish panhandling on the street.


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