Office Buzz: Décor
· Premium · Mar 27, 2023 ·

At my old job, there was an official limit on desktop decorations. You were allowed one personal item. This rule was often not enforced, but it still made for a restricting environment where your own style really could not clash with the dull shades of office gray and white. After all, if your desk were fun people would die. Thankfully, here at the Bee, we have decorations everywhere. It's a very colorful place to work and I thought it'd be great to show you a glimpse of our masterful office decor.

First, here's some stuff on my desk:

<mediatag id=341413></mediatag>

You may recognize a couple of figures from this previous article. The Dwight Schrute bobblehead was given to me by my wife for our first Valentine's Day when we were dating. Romantic!


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