Office Buzz: Desk Shuffle
· Premium · Aug 24, 2022 ·

Friends, the long drawn out and embittered desk situation at our office is well-known and Bettina just threw another wrench into it. You see, everything was settled. We all got desks. We all had our "places."

And then she moved.

That's right, friends. Bettina just picked up one day and moved to another desk and destroyed the harmony that had been maturing for weeks.

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Then I had to move because Bettina is always asking my opinion on the photoshops she's doing. At her new desk, I couldn't see her monitor and I had to get up and walk over to her desk like some sort of jerk that enjoys long walks on the beach. But then the desk I moved to was the desk The Babylon Bee's Kyle Mann sometimes sat in when he wasn't working in his office.


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