New Babylon Bee Studios: Construction Is A Go!
Premium · Oct 6, 2020 ·

Quick update for the Beehive: Construction on our new Babylon Bee Podcast studios and set has begun! We're building out completely new sets for bigger and better news shows, sketches, shorts, and interviews. I'm not saying it will be better than Joe Rogan's spaceship set... but it will be.

Dan pretending to work diligently for the camera:

<mediatag id=33></mediatag>

The regular news show set you have come to know and love has been stripped down and will soon be super snazzy with cool brick walls and nice lighting:

<mediatag id=37></mediatag>

The beginnings of the all-new Babylon Bee Subscriber-Exclusive Lounge, where we will lounge about after kicking out the freeloaders every podcast and host some cool guests: Picture this same thing but, like, completely different. A lounge worthy of Kirk Cameron.


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