Meet The Bee: Frank J. Fleming
Premium · Jun 12, 2020 ·

You've read the articles and laughed, or at least pushed a little air out of your nose. Now you can meet the people behind your favorite Christian news satire site. It's like the behind the scenes discs in the Lord of the Rings box set, except without Peter Jackson's soulful voice or all the motion capture technology.

Today, join us in a world of pure imagination as we meet Senior Writer Frank J. Fleming.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm 40 years old, and the day I turned 40 The Babylon Bee changed my title from "Writer" to "Senior Writer," and that still stings.

I'm married with four kids, my youngest with Down syndrome, and it's hard to have a kid with Down syndrome and not be a bit of an activist. My wife, the lovely and talented SarahK, does all my editing as I'm only semi-coherent without her (though I don't know if she'll edit this, so fair warning).


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