Bonus Article: Man Assures Wife She Is Much Better Than He Is At Doing Whatever It Is He Doesn’t Want To Do


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Couldn't fit this one in today, so here's a bonus article for ya! This one was submitted by our very own SlightlyDesperateHousewife!

CLEVELAND, OH—Mike and Erin started married life with a total commitment to fairness in all tasks and decision making, pledging in their vows to always honor and support each other. It soon became apparent to Mike that even though both of them were equally able to complete daily chores, Erin was just so much better at some things that it really just made sense for her to be the one to do them.

"Listen, babe-- you know I'm terrible at folding the towels! And don't get me started on the fitted sheets! You're so much better at this than I am."

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