Mailbag - Gas Stoves And Secret Docs
· Premium · Jan 14, 2023 ·

Hey Bee fam - maybe it's just the gas from my stove, but I had a crazy idea for The Babylon Bee Podcast. We do a lot of hate mail and some subscriber dares and whatnot, but we'd like to interact with you guys more times than just when you're asking me to smash a watermelon on my head or telling me i'm a [flowerbedding] [flowerbed]. SO we're going to start a new podcast segment where we interact with more subscriber mail - the WEEKLY MAILBAG!

So, we need more emails from y'all!

You can always send us emails at the podcast address - podcast AT babylon bee DOT com - or you can drop a general comment, question, news item, or whatever you want us to talk about in the comment section below. We'll post a new mailbag thread every week! Whether it's asking for our opinion on the great Applebee's vs. Sizzler controversy or letting us know about a cool Guinness world record, fire away!


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