Mailbag - Calling All Atheists!
· Premium · Mar 13, 2023 ·

We are putting out a call for more mailbag, Podcast listeners! Here is your chance to be a part of the podcast and have Kyle, Adam, Jarret, Chandler, Brandon, Travis, Bettina, Emma or even Dan answer your questions and respond to your thoughts!

In addition to the normal everyday sort of mailbag we would like you to send in, this week we are interviewing a very special guest: Jon Noyes from Stand To Reason. He is a former atheist and is knowledgeable about the atheism debate.

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If you're not a believer, here's your opportunity to stump Jon with your superior logic. If you're a believer of some sort, you can see if you can stump Jon anyway! Or perhaps you have a sincere question about some aspect of faith in God that is a struggle for you. Now's your chance to say something that might be read on the podcast with Jon!


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