Last-Minute Gift Idea: Bee Live Tickets!
· Premium · Dec 21, 2022 ·

Did you postpone buying gifts until today? It's the naughty list for you! But you can still earn your way onto the nice list by getting that special someone the best gift of all: BEE LIVE TICKETS.

This event will bring together for the first time our writers, staff, and, most importantly, you. We want to meet you! Well, most of you. Your fun-filled evening will be packed with wandering around and rubbing shoulders with Bee staff, checking out some of our vendor booths, eating dinner, and watching some great on-stage entertainment and discussion with the Bee crew.

If you are already planning to attend and want to coordinate hotels with others, please do so in the comments. And if you don't have tickets yet, grab them before it's too late! If buying for someone else, just enter their name as the recipient. A gift sure to please!


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