Joe Biden Sneaks Up Behind Nation's Women To Whisper In Their Ears How He's Going To Be More Respectful
Politics · Apr 4, 2019 ·

U.S. - Former Vice President Joe Biden has been under fire recently for the way he gets handsy and invades the personal space of women, with numerous women speaking out against him. It is believed that he's eyeing a presidential run, and as a result he is now apologizing for his behavior and promising to do better.

But instead of just releasing a statement, Biden is taking a more personal approach.

"So I was just sitting by a tree and working on an assignment," said college student Vanessa Lowe, "when suddenly I felt these hands on my shoulders and this breath on my neck. And then Joe Biden whispered to me that he knows he hasn't been respecting personal boundaries and will try to do better. It was very reassuring... though I'm still a bit shaken."

Other women have come forward to share their stories of getting apologized at, too. "I was standing in line to buy a latte," said Maria Aguilar, a nurse, "and then Biden was just on me, telling me he will try harder in the future to treat women appropriately. And I didn't know what to do; it was very heartfelt."

When asked why Biden is sneaking up behind women to apologize for his behavior, he explained that if women see him coming, they tend to run away.


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