Funny Story About The Tulsi Gabborg Article...
Premium · Mar 19, 2020 ·

So I originally wrote this article about Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton back in 2016. Adam Ford didn't publish it -- I think he didn't know what Star Trek was or didn't think it was funny or something. Or maybe we just didn't have the Photoshop skills at the time to pull it off... I was kinda worried no one would know who Gabbard is or the angle would just be too weird. But it seems to have worked out OK. 

Also this is a pretty bad Photoshop but I didn't feel like bugging Ethan. He was busy working on the glorious Lysol and Trump teacup Photoshops that went up later. I was also under some time pressure so just fired it off when I figured it was passable -- something I do often. You can see some smudges behind her on the wall. Also you can tell most of her neck I just painted on to make her line up with the suit. Stuff like that bugs me a ton but I just don't have the time to fix it all. I'd never get an article published if I waited until it was perfect.


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