Ethan's Introductory Chesterton Collection Is Now Available!
Premium · Oct 9, 2021 ·

Chesterton is a real addiction here at The Babylon Bee. Most of us are hooked on the hard stuff—obscure essays about Mary Queen of Scots, rare newspaper columns from the turn of the century, stuff he scrawled on a napkin while eating cheese at some remote pub.

But, witty quotes aside, he can be hard to get into! That's why you need a gateway drug to Chesterton. Thankfully, our creative director Ethan Nicolle has put together the perfect thing to hook you on a lifelong addiction to GKC.

Chesterton's Gateway is a collection of 14 essays with footnotes and introductions by Mr. Nicolle himself. They were lovingly hand-picked by everyone's favorite Babylon Bee Photoshopper and podcast host with the express purpose of giving you a taste of everything Chesterton can be without making your mind explode. After a long wait and wrestling with Amazon, it has finally been released, so you should go pick it up today!


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